RUBY AMANFU Sends Message of Hope with New Song

“When They Go Low We Go High”

On Inauguration Day, Nashville-based singer/songwriter Ruby Amanfu has released a powerful new song to voice her opinion on the state of affairs, and remind Americans that we need to be kind and continue to move forward as one. The song, “When They Go Low We Go High,” (co-written by Scot Stewart) is now available for streaming – PRESS HERE to listen. It’s a ground-shaking anthem that showcases the artist’s passion and strength alongside beautiful and powerful vocals. The track gives the listener hope in the middle of this mass uncertainty. We’re in this together – they go low, we go high.

Says Ruby:
Like a lot of our country right now, I have been completely affected by America’s current state. There are heated discussions and opinions flying left and right and no one is spared from the line of verbal fire. So many of us are hurting each other – sometimes intentionally and sometimes not.

I, too, have extremely strong convictions about what’s going on like so many of us do. I try to find ways to voice my opinions while still staying ‘above the noise’. This does not in any way mean staying silent when I’m affected by something. Quite the opposite. However, I believe that there’s more impact made when we think before we speak or act.

There’s a way to speak the truth with intelligence and grace, whether that’s with our friends, our families, our teammates or our opponents.

Back in July when Mrs. Michelle Obama spoke at the DNC, her words rang like a church bell inside of me and they’ve continued to resonate to this day. “When they go low – we go high.” I don’t know whom the originator of this phrase is (some say it was Audrey Hepburn but I can’t easily find record of it) but that’s not the point. The point is that Mrs. Obama utilized a platform to speak intelligently about a lot of highly challenging things. I felt coached in the best of ways after that and ever since then I’ve been putting those words to good use.

My friend and co-writer of “When They Go Low – We Go High”, Scot Stewart, sent me this beautiful body of music to write to and the words just tumbled out of me. I think they’d been in my head for quite some time and Scot’s ambitious tracks inspired me to be equally ambitious in stating my opinions, too.

Ruby performs on ‘Nashville’